Best Buds

Spring is in the air! Even with the Oregon weather playing tricks on us (snow on April 11th, stretches of sun followed by rain...) the temperate carnivorous plants are pushing new growth and flower buds. It's the time of year I start going outside every day to check on their progress- perhaps a bit obsessive, but I like it. 
By now, most of the repotting and propagation is done, and the winter labor has initiated satisfactory momentum towards this spring's crescendo. This year, I anticipate doing more live events with the plants in the form of pop up sales and an open house or two for my close friends. Once the sale plants outside are in full growth, I'll update the website with new offerings. Many plants for sale have flower buds on them as well.
Sarracenia leucophylla Chipola
Besides the ornamental hybrids, there will be some interesting species leucophylla available where I have used the Chipola form (originating from Lee's Botanical Gardens) crossed with a giant George's Select Red clone (from Michael Sprouse). While I love the favorite leucophylla breeder plants such as Purple Lips, WRR and HCW clone F, this should be a refreshing direction for growers to check out. 
In just a few weeks we will have open flowers, pitchers, and flytraps, and I'll be busy pollinating and admiring the garden. I trust your collection of plants is showing all of these signs of spring as well, and wish you a happy 2022 growing season,

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