Potting Up Bareroot Sarracenia Rhizomes

Congratulations, you've just received a bareroot Sarracenia rhizome from Bookhardt Botanicals! What to do next?

Ordering Sarracenia during winter dormancy (roughly anywhere between October and April) is most advantageous for a smooth transition into the growing season. While they don't look their best at this time, it is ideal to order a dormant plant because they arrive less stressed and ready to adapt to your home growing conditions. Here I have outlined a few simple steps to prepare your new dormant Sarracenia rhizome to flourish during the growing season.

Everything you need for success (LEFT: 1:1 Sphagnum Peat Moss:Perlite soil mixture, CENTER: dormant bareroot Sarracenia rhizome with leaves trimmed, RIGHT: plastic pot with drainage)

Before arrival, ensure you have the proper carnivorous plant soil to plant your new rhizome in. The classic recipe is one part Sphagnum Peat Moss to one part Perlite. 

 4" plastic pot with ~1 inch wetted soil mound in base

Line the base of your plant's pot (plastic pots or glazed ceramic pots with drainage work best) with a shallow layer of wetted soil. 

 Mound of soil on one quadrant of pot

Next, grab a handful of wetted soil and create a mound on one quadrant of the pot (as seen above).

 Bareroot Sarracenia rhizome held in place for potting

Take your bareroot rhizome and situate it so the actively growing crown(s) are centered in the new pot. Ensure roots are evenly distributed over the base layer of soil.


Finished Product

Fill in wetted soil around the roots, leaving the growing tip of the rhizome crown exposed. Your new plant is now ready to join it's companions! Don't forget the basic growing tips: OUTDOORS, FULL SUN, TRAY OF WATER. (disclaimer: always protect plants from extreme temperature. Specifically below 20F and above 100F for prolonged periods of time.)

 Actively growing Sarracenia rhizome after being potted up and grown out

 If you follow these simple steps, you will have a plethora of happy pitchers year after year.



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