Sarracenia leucophylla Bicolor

Sarracenia leucophylla Bicolor is a spectacular plant that I'm excited to work with.
It originates from my friend Randy, who has this to say about it:
"Petals red on outside, yellow on inside; presumably S. flava integrade. Long-lived pitchers look good after several freezes. Red color begins in September and increases with age. Some pitchers reach 3 feet tall. Division from Yellow River, Florida, former pitcher plant paradise, a plant propagated for decades, never before released. Yellow River, near Broxson, Fla., was a mecca for decades of Sarracenia observers. (Loc. is NOT Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park.)"
Although this is my first season growing this plant, I was lucky enough to get a flower off of it. This spring I made 6 different hybrids using pollen from Bicolor. I am curious to see how the unique pink/white contrast is portrayed in the offspring. Below is a photo series of color infusion:
08 October
13 October
16 October
23 October
29 October
05 November


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