Venus Flytrap Display Through The Seasons

This Spring I potted up one of my favorite Venus Flytrap cultivars- 'Low Giant'- in a display bowl, which has happily grown all year on our patio table. I wanted to share the appearance of this display through the year to show the seasonal habits of this wonderful plant. Hopefully this inspires you to plant your own Flytrap display next Spring!

Spring (June 24, 2022)

The flytrap display bowl was planted a few months earlier from an overgrown 4" pot of Low Giant flytraps, with about 6 mature plants. By late June, a nice flush of spring traps had emerged. You can also see flower stalks emerging from a few plants. Some growers will remove these at this stage to divert all of the plant's energy to trap formation. I personally leave them on to enjoy the small white flowers, and collect seed later in the year.


Summer (August 27, 2022)

After the hot months of July and August, the flytraps got a second wind and began to grow much more vigorously. At this time they put out their largest traps of the seasons. During mid-summer, many flytraps will produce traps on long thin petioles, however the Low Giant form stays in a compact rosette year round, which gives it a dense and clean look. This display has also clumped up even in this short amount of grow time from Spring.

Happy Hour (September 18, 2022)

 A flytrap display is an instant talking point for any outdoor event. Pairs well with Greek wine.

Winter Dormancy (December 11, 2022)

By late October, temperate carnivorous plants including flytraps will be dormant (a winter resting period). A few ground hugging traps remain on the plants through winter, however this display will be fairly uninteresting to look at until next season. But hey, how many barbeques are you hosting in January? In early spring next year (by April at least) it's a good idea to clean up the dead leaves and repot for another fun season of growth.


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  • Chris Stalder

    Nice information and pictures about the growing season of your display pot of Venus Flytraps! Thanks for sharing your passion & talent with carnivorous plants!

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