New Year, New Plants

Happy New Year, plant friends. I wanted to update you all on the 2024 plans for Bookhardt Botanicals, as I've been quiet this past year. If you haven't read the last blog post- "Life Replanted"- ( in April 2023 I moved to New Mexico, bringing my favorite plants along and leaving the rest with trusted friends back in Oregon.

During my first growing season here in the desert Southwest, I focused on evaluating which plants performed well here, and which did not thrive in this very different climate. Many of the early season plants such as flava, oreophila, and their hybrids like moorei put up good leaves this spring, but were effected by a major heat wave in July. The plants that performed well even through these adverse conditions were purpurea and purp hybrids such as Bengal Tiger. A standout has been purpurea veinless, which puts out decent Spring traps here which are long lasting. Luckily it flowered and I was able to make some crosses to evaluate and share with you!

Sarracenia collection May 7, 2023. Albuquerque, NM

Sarracenia collection May 31, 2023. Albuquerque, NM

I have a number of seedlings started under LED lights which will be available this season. There are also some choice Nepenthes cuttings which have rooted and will be for sale. I focused on using the spectacular leucophylla Bicolor in most of my crosses, and also have some with purpurea veinless. Look for these Sarracenia seedlings in the coming months (early April timeframe):

  • purpurea veinless x Potty Mouth
  • leucophylla Bicolor x purpurea veinless
  • leucophylla Hurricane Creek White F x Bocaza
  • leucophylla Bulbosa x Bocaza selfed
  • oreophila OP clone 2 x leucophylla Bicolor
  • (Royal Ruby x oreophila North Sound) x leucophylla Bicolor
  • Hot Lips x Adrian Slack

And look for these Nepenthes rooted cuttings:

  • Red Queen (blooms female)
  • veitchii x eymae EP (blooms male)
  • ampullaria Black Miracle x rafflesiana
  • thorelii x aristolochioides
  • x briggsiana (blooms female)
  • x briggsiana Hortus Botanicus (blooms male)

As I've become more established here I hope to continue to expand what is offered, and provide more consistent inventory, rather that what has been a sporadic first year here in New Mexico (hey, I've been exploring thousands of years of Southwest history- plants had to take the back seat for a moment).

Thanks for sticking with me,

Sam Bookhardt

Bookhardt Botanicals 

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